Transgender & Gender Queer PrEP FAQ

Apicha Community Health Center Jan 12, 2017



Access to PrEP is something we have been talking about a lot at Apicha CHC. Because we serve so many transgender and gender queer people, we are especially concerned with making sure they have access to PrEP. We are so proud to have a flourishing Transgender Health Clinic, which is...

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Apicha CHC's New Year's Resolution!

Apicha Community Health Center Jan 03, 2017

Let's Celebrate! 

We are kicking off 2017 with a ton of energy and so much to look forward to in this new year! 

Our 2017 New Year's resolution is to provide our services to more of our community.

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Apicha Community Health Center 2016 Successes

Apicha Community Health Center Dec 30, 2016


For Apicha Community Health Center (CHC), twenty sixteen was a year to deepen our roots in the communities we serve.  It was a successful year for continuing to create open, inclusive and supportive spaces and making positive impacts to the health and well being in people living in New York...

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Apicha CHC is Opening a New Pharmacy!

Apicha Community Health Center Dec 15, 2016

As you've probably heard, we are expanding! The construction on the first floor and cellar are almost complete and we are getting ready to unveil our newest additions to our 400 Broadway location.

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NYC Holiday Event Guide: Let's Get Sex-Positive at Babeland!

Apicha Community Health Center Dec 14, 2016




It’s getting cold outside and what’s a better way to warm up then attending fun, free, sex-positive workshops and events around NYC. Or, trying to sing a song while having an orgasm...

We’ve compiled a little guide so that you can participate in some winter fun with Babeland.  


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Apicha CHC Commemorated World AIDS Day at the NYC AIDS Memorial

Apicha Community Health Center Dec 02, 2016


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NYC is Commemorating World Aids Day On December 1st

Apicha Community Health Center Nov 23, 2016


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Let Us Honor Transgender Day of Remembrance 2016

Apicha Community Health Center Nov 18, 2016


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Transgender Awareness Week 2016 Addresses Transgender Health Advocacy & Education

Apicha Community Health Center Nov 15, 2016

Apicha CHC continues to stand with transgender people as we recognize Transgender Awareness Week. 

This week is an important time to recognize the identities and experiences of transgender people and gender non-conforming people. Though we always recognize transgender people and LGBTQI+...

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