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PrEP for Sex: A Step-By-Step Video Guide to the HIV Prevention Pill

Apicha Community Health Center Aug 16, 2016  

Throughout the past year, you may have heard about the HIV prevention pill, PrEP or pre-exposure prophylaxis. Due to the rapid increase in HIV positive individuals, the PrEP pill is starting to be considered as a viable HIV prevention method by a wider range of people. 

According to the CDC, 1 in 4 gay men should take the PrEP pill. But before you actually commit to taking a new medication that you may be unfamiliar with, you probably have a few questions, right? That's why New York State's AIDS Institute outlined everything you need to know about the PrEP pill in an easy-to-follow video guide.

Interested in learning more about the HIV prevention pill PrEP? Check out this list of PrEP FAQ's!

Why PrEP?

In this introductory PrEP for Sex video, current users of the PrEP Prevention Pill share the personal reasons why they chose PrEP as a strategy for HIV prevention

"The idea of having sex without fear was very appealing to me and that's one of the reasons I chose PrEP."


Beginning the Process

Taking the first step to preventing HIV is often the most difficult. The challenges of talking about your sexual practices with your doctor are very difficult to overcome. In this video, witness each panelist share how they began the process of adopting and using PrEP.

"When I learned about PrEP and that it could ensure my safety, I knew it was for me."



Insurance? Co-pay? Deductibles? One of the major barriers for PrEP is finding out how to pay for it. Find out how each panelist navigated their way through the PrEP process and what options might be available for you to consider.

"When I was looking at the costs, I was really afraid. But I knew my life was worth however much I needed to pay."


Side Effects of PrEP

PrEP is safe and effective, but like any other medication, it may come with a risk of side effects. Some users have experienced typical physical side effects, like nausea and headaches, but for others, the side effect was more than physical. Watch the video above as each panelist explains if they experienced any side effects from taking the pre-exposure prophylaxis pill.

 "I've been really fortunate, I have not had any side effects. I take it at lunch so I never take it on an empty stomach."


Condom Use

Although PrEP protects you from HIV, it does not protect users from other sexually transmitted diseases. Find out how using the PrEP pill has affect each panelist's decision to use condoms by viewing the video above.

"Taking PrEP has not changed my decision to use condoms. There are other STD's out there so you have to be careful."


PrEP and Emotions

PrEP has changed the lives of thousands of people. Besides being a proven safe and effective HIV prevention method, it has had a profound effect on the emotional lives of PrEP users. Find out how PrEP has changed the daily lives of the panelists and given them a newfound control on their sexual health.

"PrEP has allowed me to take the reigns of my sexual life."


Remembering to take PrEP

Pre-exposure prohylaxis has been proven to be 92-99% safe and effective if taken daily. But for many, remembering to take a pill each day can be a challenge. Find out what methods and strategies the panelist use to adhere to their daily PrEP routine.

"Once you fully realize what PrEP can do for you, that in itself is enough to always remind you to take it every day."


There are many reasons and benefits to taking the PrEP HIV prevention pill. However, it may not be accessible and affordable to everyone. 

If you are in New York City, Apicha CHC provides screenings for all of its patients to see if PrEP is the right choice for them. If they qualify, individuals are provided with a prescription to the pill. 

There are programs that may help pay for visits if you don’t have insurance such as PrEP-AP, or might help pay for the drug itself, like the PrEP Medication Assistance Program by the manufacturer of Truvada, Gilead.  Also, if you don’t have insurance, Apicha CHC has staff who can help you enroll in insurance

To become a patient and find out if you qualify for PrEP, or to inquire about Apicha CHC’s other services such as HIV testing or primary medical care, you can request an appointment with us at our NYC medical clinic!

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