Making a Difference: Apicha CHC’s CEO Honored for Fight Against HIV/AIDS

Apicha Community Health Center Oct 18, 2017  

Apicha CHC

Apicha CHC has served underserved communities and minorities since the 1990s – particularly people living with HIV/AIDS. Since then, Apicha has largely expanded its services to benefit all New Yorkers.

Regardless, Apicha remains committed to battling the HIV/AIDS epidemic and serving minority communities, including immigrants and LGTBQ folks. Apicha’s CEO, Therese Rodriguez, has been doing so since the founding of Apicha.

NYU Health Disparity Symposium

On Oct. 12, Rodriguez spoke at a NYU-Langone Health’s Third Annual Health Disparity Symposium about transgender health disparities. Through a series of short talks, a panel, and poster session, the symposium covered a range of health topics, including immigration, incarceration, transgender health, and advocacy. It also aims to raise awareness of the broad range of health disparities research and provide a forum for student to learn about opportunities to become involved in research.

Global Share Resource Foundation Award

Additionally, Rodriguez was honored for her work against the HIV/AIDS epidemic by the Global Share Resources Foundation later that evening. The foundation works to connect remote and often poor communities affected by social and economic dislocations. The organization also host public seminars and forums to help stimulate support and involvement of professionals in the New York area.  In her acceptance speech, Rodriguez shared her own personal story–as an immigrant and a lesbian— and how embracing all peoples is vital to create a better world. You can read her original poem she shared below.


Let love sheath our children in an embrace

Our diversity

Strengthened only by inclusion.

… the fire that melds carbon to the steel.

The element that breathes

Steely resolve and sharpness of vision,

In a well fashioned samurai sword

We have many battles to win in this society

Let our children LGBT and all

Soar to great heights

Only our noble souls can imagine.

To the three strong women who raised me

Mama, Inang, Ninang

From up there

I know you are proud of me tonight.

And yes I know I must be humble.

Ok ba if I brag a little tonight?

Thank you Marie Reyes and the Global Shared Foundation.

For the honor you give me tonight.

Congratulations to my fellow honorees.


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