16 Best NYC Local Gift Ideas This Holiday Season

Apicha Community Health Center Nov 30, 2020  

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The holidays are here and gift-giving is a longstanding tradition for many folks. And while the joy of gifting is wonderful, coming up with better gifts each year can be a challenge. This year, we've put together a list of local, thoughtful, and easy gifts you can give to your loved ones. 

1. Local art.

Buying local art helps you do two things at once. First, you get to give your loved one a unique gift that you can't get just anywhere. Secondly, you also help support local artists, many of which are struggling right now. You can do so by checking out local vendors at holiday markets around the city. 

2. Books from Books Are Magic

Founded in 2017, this Brooklyn-based independent book store is home to new releases, classics, and child-friendly. 

3. Face masks from High Dive NYC

Yes, it's completely appropriate to gift someone a creative and stylish face mask-- which you can find at High Dive NYC. Based in Brooklyn and woman-owned.

4. Gifts from Pearl River Mart

Pearl River Mart was found in 1971 by two Taiwanese immigrants. Together, they built a business that embraced and celebrated Chinese and Taiwanese identity and culture. They carry a number of Asian and Asian American products, ranging from kitchenware, home decor, and clothing. Now a staple of NYC, Pearl River Mart has five locations throughout the city, including Pearl River Mart Foods in Chelsea Market. 

5. Some sweet treats from Fat Witch Bakery Co.

Fat Witch Bakery Co. began with a simple batch of brownies. Now, the woman-owned bakery has grown to offer a range fifteen different flavored brownies and other sweet-treats. These brownies are made from scratch, in small batches, and use natural ingredients. Fat Witch Bakery also offers a range of gift boxes and tins, perfect for the holidays. 

6. iThrive NYC bags

These witty and sassy bags are the perfect gift for a loved one in your life. This NYC-based company offers canvas style bags in varying shapes and sizes. 

7. Finn + me for your pooch gifts

Founded in 2017 by Rebecca Fadden and named after her own dog, Finn + me offers a variety of gifts for the pups in your life. Finn + me features accessories and apparel designed by Fadden, offering a stylish gift for your dog. For every set sold, a portion of the proceeds in donated to combating youth homelessness. 

8. Artisan soaps & lotions from FLO + THEO

Based in Queens, and founded by two sisters born in Nigeria and raised in England, FLO + THEO offer a variety of vegan skincare products. FLO + THEO specialize in offering products that are suitable for sensitive skin with nutritious and beneficial formulations. From soap and body butter to body oil and face cream, be 

9. Candles from Brooklyn Candle Studio

This company began with Tamara Jerardo, a graphic designer and Brooklyn native making candles out of her Carroll Gardens apartment. Brooklyn Candle Studio uses sustainable American grown soy, lead-free cotton wicks, pure essential oils, and high quality fragrance oils to make the best candles. 

10. Wood works from Overlook Woods

With all products made by hand in Brooklyn, Overlook Woods offers the most authentic of gifts. Founded by Naomi Feuerstein in 2014, Overlook Woods is focused on providing wood products made to be used, loved and bring luxury to the mundane. Feuerstein  fell in love with wood working during her time at The Pratt Institute. Now, Overlook Woods uses recycled materials when possible to create unique, sustainable, and long-lasting products. 

11. Beauty and self care products from Darker Shade of Ebony

Darker Shade of Ebony is a Brooklyn-based and Black and female-owned beauty company. They specialize in creating natural beauty and self care products, using simple and all-natural ingredients.  From body scrubs and lotion to lip balm and candles, Darker Shade of Ebony offers a plethora of options for everyone.

12. Jewelry from Automic Gold

Automic Gold is queer-owned jewelry brand that is dedicated to providing inclusive and accessible products for everyone. Automic Gold uses only reclaimed solid gold to create their products. Not only are they queer-owned, but they pride themselves on offering jewelry sizes that include plus sizes.

13. Phluid Project for genderless attire

The Phluid Project was founded in 2018 with the goal to provide gender-neutral clothing and an inclusive community space. They have clothing as well as skin and body products available for purchase online or in their store location in NoHo.

14. Señor Lechuga hot sauce

Made in small batches in Brooklyn, Señor Lechuga Hot Sauce is small-batch and handmade using only clean ingredients. Each batch is similar and unique in its own way, giving folks a burst of flavor and heat. Señor Lechuga Hot Sauce has no added sugar, preservatives, emulsifying agents, animal products, artificial flavors or coloring.

15. Jewelry from G2ther

Founded and created by Guelmo Rosa, a queer Puerto Rican artist, G2ther offers a range of jewelry, wire art, and brass art. 

16. Vibrant apparel and art from Tyler Wallach Studio

Artist Tyler Wallach is a queer artist based in Harlem recognized for his bright and boldly colored street-art characters on both canvas and clothing. Their online shop offers a range of gender-neutral apparel, including shirts, bags, accessories, and masks.

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