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10 More Activities You Can Do During Quarantine

Apicha Community Health Center May 14, 2020  

Apicha CHC

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, many of us remain quarantined and are practicing self-isolation and social distancing. So it's no surprise that being stuck at home can feel very boring. To help you with your spare time, we can up with ten more things you can do during quarantine. For more quarantine-related things, check out our Wellness At Home series.

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10 more things you can do during quarantine

1. Do a puzzle. Thanks to online shopping, you can pick any kind of puzzle you want -- the design, puzzle piece amount -- the decision is yours. Puzzles are a great way to utilize extra time and stimulate your brain. 

2. Learn a foreign language. Depending on how you want to use your quarantine time, learning a new language could be entertaining and beneficial. Apps like Duolingo are offering discounted or free programs. 

3. Reorganize everything. If you've already gone through your closet and done some spring cleaning, apply that to the rest of your home. Now is a great time to dig through those messy drawers and decide if you really need everything in there. 

4. Start to knit or crochet. Learning to knit or crochet is another time-eater, and you'll end up with a few new scarves or blankets for your home. 

5. Have a fancy bubble bath. If you have a bathtub, set it up with some bubbles, your favorite beverage, a candle, a face mask, and a book. Take your time and enjoy yourself. 

6. Write letters. When was the last time you sent some snail mail? Sit down and write some messages to your loved ones, and send them in the mail. It's easy to send a text or email, but there's something cathartic about a hand-written letter and waiting for your friend to receive it. 

7. Have a movie marathon. Pick out a movie series and make it your mission to see them all. Haven't seen Back to the Future, or Lord of the Rings trilogies? Now is your chance to knock it out!

8. Rearrange your furniture. Try creating a new look to your space by moving some furniture around. You might like what you create!

9. Learn how to use your less dominant hand. Depending on which is your dominant hand, start doing tasks and activities with the other. Writing, brushing your teeth, or even texting will be a challenge. 

10. Reenact old paintings. A new trend since the quarantine has folks recreating classical paintings with that they have in their apartment. Some of them are quite impressive, and maybe you should try your hand at it too!

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