Should I Apply for HEAP or SNAP Benefits?

Apicha Community Health Center Nov 25, 2015  


Apicha Community Health Center offers more than quality primary care, we offer many other services needed by our communities, such as assistance with SNAP Benefits.

Today we want to let you know about the SNAP/HEAP initiative that’s coming up. You no longer have to choose between feeding you and your family or keeping them warm, since that is something no one should be forced to choose between.

snap benefitsWhat are SNAP benefits? What is HEAP?

SNAP stands for the “Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program”. It’s a program that offers nutrition assistance to nearly 1.8 million eligible, low-income New Yorkers including families, the elderly, and the disabled by giving monthly supplements to those who need it in order to increase their food budget with SNAP benefits.

The Food and Nutrition Service (FNS) works with state agencies, nutrition educators, and neighborhood and faith-based organizations to make sure that those eligible can get the information they need to decide to apply for the program and get benefits.

Sign up for SNAP or HEAP Benefits with the help of our knowledgeable staff. Request an appointment.

HEAP stands for “Home Energy Assistance Program” and it is also a federally funded program for eligible, low-income New Yorkers to help with the cost of heating their homes. HEAP gives heating benefits to aid a household’s annual energy costs and it also provides emergency benefit for those facing a heat or heat related emergency and do not have resources above the created limits.

Regular benefits for HEAP start November 16th, 2015 while emergency benefit start January 4th, 2016.

Do you qualify for SNAP or HEAP?

To see if you are eligible for SNAP benefits, check out this pre-screening form:

Income Chart for SNAP

Household size Gross monthly income (130 percent of poverty) Net monthly income (100 percent of poverty)
1 $1,276 $981
2 $1,726 $1,328
3 $2,177 $1,675
4 $2,628 $2,021
5 $3,078 $2,368
6 $3,529 $2,715
7 $3,980 $3,061
8 $4,430 $3,408
Each additional member +451 +347


You may be eligible for HEAP Regular benefit, if you and your household members are U.S. Citizens or qualified residents and:

  • Your household’s gross monthly income is at or below the current income guides for your household size as posted in the table below or
  • You receive SNAP benefits or
  • You receive Temporary Assistance or
  • You receive Code A Supplemental Security Income (SSI Living Alone)

Income Chart for HEAP

Household Size Maximum Gross Monthly Income
1 $2,244
2 $2,935
3 $3,625
4 $4,316
5 $5,006
6 $5,697
7 $5,826
8 $5,956
9 $6,085
10 $6,215
11 $6,671
Each Additional Add $520


How can I apply?

At Apicha Community Health Center we can help you with the process of applying. Our Nutrition Outreach and Education Program (NOEP) Coordinator can give you a free prescreening to see if you are eligible for SNAP benefits, and they can offer referrals for HEAP. New Call-to-action

The NOEP Coordinators can also help you fill out the SNAP application, gather paperwork, and send it in. They can even help with home visits and language translation. It’s all free and confidential so contact your local NOEP Coordinator today by clicking here!

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